Unique Analysis

“Unique Filtration Process that makes our Research more effective”

Today, Most of the broking houses are employing the brightest research analysts and have deployed the most advance analytical tools and software in their research department. The key responsibility of these analysts is to design different types of Trading-Methods and to provide Research- Calls to their clients. These analysts are really putting-in sincere efforts to help their clients to win in the market.
However, the fact is, in spite of sincere efforts of these analysts, clients do not have good experience in using these research calls. It so happens that the clients earn money from some analyst’s call but they lose in other analyst’s call. Also, the same analysts remain successful some time but fail at other time. The net result is, the clients fail to make consistent gain from such research calls. The question is, in spite of such brilliant analysts and their sincere work, why the research does not remain effective?
Answer is, “The research can remain effective only if it has a method that can generates result in all types of market. (Market Types are: Trending market, Range-bound or sideways market or Volatile market etc.). That means, even if market is trending or sideways, highly volatile or silent, the trading method should work all the times.
Now, we all know that this kind of method is not possible. No matter, how advance technology you may use, or the brilliant analysis you may add, it is never going to give you the perfect trading method. The undisputed fact of the market is, “All methods work some time and NO method works all the time. The reality is, if a market is sideways and stuck in a range, all the ‘trend-following’ methods are bound to fail and if the market is strongly moving in a direction , all the ‘reversal methods’ would fail.
This gives us an idea that a method can produce good result only when it matches the type of the market i.e. your trend following method can work only if market is not range bound and it’s making a good directional move. Your trading method needs to be in sync with the current market type to get the best trading result.
In such scenario, it became utmost necessary to have someone who helps us in identifying the most appropriate trading method for the current market type. We know, we will have many analysts and multiple methods that keep on providing us research calls. But wouldn’t it be of much advantage if someone identifies which call is likely to work in the present market type?
At MH, we have designed unique filters that identify the method that is in sync with the current market type. These filters have the built in processes that use the complex algorithm and identify the methods that are likely to give successful trading calls. In short, our filters will keep on monitoring the performance of all the research calls and, based on the algorithm, they will reject the research calls from the methods (or analysts) which do not give required performance and accept the calls only from those methods which have been giving successful calls. Because of this process, the research calls at MH have high success rate and our research is more effective. This reduces the wrong calls and increases the number of right calls to our clients.
With this filtration process all the clients at MH are reasonable happy and satisfied.
Therefore in this case, it become paramount to develop some system that can identify the pattern of the current market and tell you which trading method will going to be use here in synchronization with the flow of current market. I.e. if market is trending then the system should automatically adopt the trend following method and if its range bound/ sideways then it should automatically follow the reversal method for trading.
Thus you need such type of system to make sure that you’ll generate profits. Thus If market is trending and you are following some other method instead of the trend method then you’ll not be able to generate the profit. Similarly if market is sideways now and your system is not following the reversal pattern there and still using the old method which you were using when the market was in trend then, you’ll not be able to generate the profits.

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