“Our Commitment: Building Future for Financial Intermediaries”

Yes, the commitment of making our associates succeed and building their future is what drives us. At MH, we measure our own performance not by the number of associates we have added, but by the revenue we have added for each of our associates. We do this by mentoring our associates in making their clients win in the market.

We have a team of dedicated mentors, directly managed by our director, that has only one mission, “growing the revenue of our associates”. Appointing new associates is not the business of this department. Developing the business for our existing associates is sole focus of this department. We are committed for the success of our associates and we assume responsibility to build their future.

Our Methodology to make you success:

1. Mentoring

We are very carefull and selective about appointing associates. There is never a compromise on the quality of the associates. We appoint the associates as if we are adding partners for us.

Once the associates join, they constantly get the mentoring not only from a team of qualified professionals but also from the director through one-on-one coaching. This mentoring helps our associates in:

  • Understanding the dynamics of broader market including DOS and Don't of the business
  • Understanding systematic way for client acquisition.
  • Understanding need of the clients and serving them better with proper solution.
  • Understanding earning opportunities in newer financial products
  • lmbibing the Ethics and Philosophy of Market-Hub which is “Taking care of clients' interest”.

It is only because of such mentoring that our associates are able to win the faith of clients, retain the client and grow the business per client. Our associates are able to increase their business by constantly getting newer references from their extisting client base itself.

This mentoring helps our associates becoming “true professionals” in the financial market.

2. Service Support

At Market-Hub, we believe that our associates should not be busy with day-to-day routine operations. Rather, they should spend most of their time in Business Development. Hence, we take the burden of managing many of their routine activites. We have automated many processes which add efficiency and transperancy in the operations. Our Intention is to make life of our associates more productive and rewarding.

It is because of such mentoring and service-support from MH that all our associates experience a solid growth and enjoy an enviable status in the society.


Diwali Muhurat
Pics 2073