Trading technology

“Efficient Trading, Effective Analysis”

At market-hub, we believe in making the power of technology available to all. We understand that technology can be a great enabler, if you have a genuine idea. Hence, we are not using technology just for the sake of using it. We have definite purpose and clear objective for leveraging the power of technology.
One such purpose is to use the technology for Trading Terminal. While deploying technology for trading terminals, we had 2 distinct purposes.

  • 1. Efficiency in Trading
  • 2. Effectiveness in Analysis.

  Efficiency in Trading:

We intend to offer more power to the dealer by making the trading terminal Faster, Easier and Customizable. Some of the features are so distinct and advance that jobber and delta traders find our terminal more powerful. We have loaded lots of features that will make traders more efficient. Some of the key features of our trading terminals are mentioned below:

Trader Friendly Features of our Terminal:

  • Macro-Magic, to make your key board customized. You can define your own KEYs for the frequently used functions.
  • User-define cursor position for order entry window (F1 or F2/ + or -).
  • Auto updating of Derivative screen on New Contract day. (I.e. No need to delete the future & option watch list with the change in expiry).
  • Merging of two different watch lists, or adding scrips from one watch list to other is possible.
  • Live M to M calculator with flexibility of calculating your net M to M with the help of inbuilt brokerage calculator.
  • Screen nesting and live rate updation in the entire screen.
  • F6 window (market depth, snapshot) clubbed with the buy or sell window i.e. F1 or F2/ + or -; so that while placing the orders you can keep watch on the current rates.
  • F3 order modification window screen with the facility of F6 (market depth, snapshot) window for simpler and quicker order modification.
  • Adding script to the watch list gets simpler with the F6 window.
  • Adding future & option script to the watch list with one click.
  • Built in Delta trading platform with live value of all the Greeks (Delta, Theta, Gamma etc.)
  • Facility of live graphs of Option-Strategy.
  • Cached (placing bulk) order.
  • Active & passive order.

  Effectiveness in Analysis:

  • Range break-out (for Price)
  • Volume spurt
  • Moving average cross-over
  • Over-bought / over-sold area based on RSI,

Are some of the most favorite tools of the analyst . However, the problem with analysts is, “how to keep track of all the stocks in which such events are happening?” i.e. while the analysts observe and study one particular stock, the range-break-out may happen in other stocks. Thus, analysts can’t monitor all the stocks simultaneously, they may miss several opportunities.
In this respect, we like to offer some most promising precise solution to make the analysis more effective. Our intention is that analysts should not miss any opportunity to identify the winning stock. We have developed several Screeners and Filters which keep tracking all the stocks that match the analyst set parameters.
So, you just need to define your idea, our screeners will automatically flash those stocks in a pop-up menu. Our professional expertise will be at analyst help to develop such screeners to support your ideas.

  • Screeners: There are more than 150 parameters like, stock making new 52 week high, stock crossing previous day’s volume, stock is x % away from Previous day’s high etc. which are built in the terminal itself. You can generate any number of such parameter and get the best out-put.
  • Customized Market watch: There is a facility of designing your own market-watch. You may define a column in your market-watch based on any mathematical calculations (for e.g. if you want to know the price difference between the current future and next future) and you will get live updation for the same.
  • Chart screening facility: As we know, it won’t be possible to monitor all the charts at the same time. Our Chart-screeners will do it for you. For example, you can design a query like this: the volume in the current bar is 2 times the average volume of past 20 bars and the price is 1% above the last bar. In a moment, this will flash all the stocks in which such event happen. This is how you just need to focus only on developing new ideas; our terminal will take care of monitoring all the stocks and give you the instant results.
  • From anywhere on the screen you can open chart, no need to follow a particular path to open the chart.

We are committed to help you in improving effectiveness of your analysis and are ready to guide you
for designing newer and intelligent query for you.
It is because of our attitude to help in identifying the winning stock, most of our clients have been able
to design the profitable trading systems and improve their trading results.

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