At market-Hub, we are not using the technology for the sake of using it. Each part our technology has emerged out of understanding our client’s needs and their aspirations.
Handholding is an important aspect of our strategy for helping our Associates and our investors win in the market. We know that we cannot handhold large number of people without appropriate technology.

“Our philosophy for Using technology:”

While developing IT solution, we were always clear about the purpose and the result we wanted to achieve. Some of the key purposes are:

  • 1. Ease of doing business for our clients
  • 2. Pro-active communication
  • 2. Transparent reporting
  • 2. Superior user experience (personalization, Customization, responsiveness)

We have developed all the technological solutions keeping in mind the requirement of our associates and our investors.

  For Our Associates:

We want all our associates to invest most of their time in business development rather than wasting them in non-productive processes and follow-ups. Hence, we have developed IT solutions to support them at various stages of business cycle. For example:

  • On-boarding clients. (Opening account for various financial products is made extremely simple, easy and fast)
  • Making transactions easy for their clients
  • Generating various reports as per the demands of clients and
  • Monitoring their own performance and tracking their business with advanced CRM. (The agents are always aware about the business generated by them and the income they will be getting out of that business, in the most transparent manner)

It is our commitment to offer the best support to our associates that has motivated us to develop a full-fledged portal for multiple asset classes and multiple products. Our technology has enabled us to offer the multiple revenue streams for all our associates.

Trader For Our Clients:

Our focus has also been to customize the reports and communicate them proactively. Our intention was that all our investors must always be updated of:

  • Their transactions
  • Their holdings and
  • The performance of their investments
  • Fastest resolution of their queries (All the queries raised by them are acknowledged and solutions are informed in such a systematic manner that all of them feel being attended personally.)

Thus, ‘personalization’ is so much at the center of our technology that all our clients feel that Market-Hub always maintains regular touch with them.

Again, being a mentor, we know that keeping a regular touch with all of clients is a must for effective handholding. And a high level of technology oriented mind-set enables that touch. Hence, the core of our philosophy always says, “USE THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF TECHNOLOGY TO MAINTAIN THE BEST TOUCH WITH CLIENTS” and this is the secret of our client’s satisfaction.

Diwali Muhurat
Pics 2073