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    About us

    We are Market-Hub Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd., a renowned stock broking firm, based at Surat (Gujarat, India). Established in 2008, we are a member broker on:

    NSE – Cash , Derivative & Currency Segment
    BSE – Cash , Derivative Segment
    MCX – Commodity Derivative
    CDSL - Depository Participant.

    We are also a SEBI registered Investment Advisor.

    SEBI registration number (Investment Advisor): INA000005333

    Validity of Certificate (Investment Advisor): Till 09 August, 2026

    Principal Officer: Asit Mistry | Email: asitasu@hotmail.com | Tel. no.: 0261-4060752

    Corresponding SEBI regional office address: SEBI Bhavan, Western Regional Office, Panchvati 1st Lane, Gulbai Tekra Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380006

    Today, we are privileged to serve over 10,000 clients and more than 150 business Associates.

    Our philosophy

    At MH, we clearly know that the pillars of our growth are our Clients, our Associates and our Team Members. The purpose of our existence is to bring prosperity in their lives. There are 4 major focus points at the core of our philosophy: Passion for Profession, Commitment for Clients, and Dedication for Associates and Concern for our Team Members.

      Passion for profession:

    Our first and foremost belief is that, brokerage is not a business it is a profession. Our belief is; a business can grow at the cost of clients where as a profession can grow only when the client’s goal is fulfilled. It is due to this belief that we have always been focused on providing solutions that fulfil clients’ financial objectives.

    As a matter of fact, developing money making ideas is our passion. Our passion drives us to bring best of the Research Ideas and best of the Trading Technologies for our clients. Our latest innovation of offering Personalised-Mentoring for each of our clients is manifestation of our passion.

    One of our key objectives is to transform the business of Stock Broking into a respected & dignified profession.

      Commitment for Clients:

    Since we believe that Stock-broking is a profession, we will never intend to grow at the cost of our clients. We will not allow the clients to ruin his/her money just for the sake of our earnings. Our trading strategies always take care that the clients do not overtrade. We want that the clients focus on protecting their capital and earn reasonable but consistent return.

    We are committed and willing to take the personal responsibility to see clients win in the market. At times we have compromised our own interest just to make sure that clients’ financial objectives are fulfilled.

      Dedication for Associates:

    The other important aspect of our philosophy is focus on our associates. We know our Innovative trading and investment solutions have the power to attract huge clienteles. But we wish to reach to those clients through our associates.

    We measure our growth not by looking at the number of associates we have added but by looking at the amount of business we have added for our associates.

    We take personal interest in the growth of our associates. The top management of MH is totally devoted to support entrepreneurial ability of young people. They have gone to the extent of hiring a team of top class professionals that is solely dedicated for developing all the associates for becoming successful professionals. We wish that all our associates must earn respect from their clients and expand their business for financial success.

    Why us

    While we feel happy in introducing ourselves as member broker on NSE, BSE, MCX and CDSL, we feel pride in presenting ourselves as provider of India’s First Personalized Mentoring in Stock Broking that keeps you on track of discipline trading and help you win the market. . We have adopted an innovative concept of Personalised Guided Trading and Hand-Holding for each of our clients. We intend to be a mentor for our clients and are committed to make them win the market.

    To understand what we mean by Personalised Guided Trading, we need to first understand the 3M Model. A combination of Born to make difference:

    • Method (tells us the right stock to trade?)
    • Money Management (tells us how much quantity to trade in that stock?)
    • Mind (tells us how to follow the calls with strict discipline)

    In terms of its effectiveness the professional traders all over the world have accepted this 3M model as extremely effective one.

    In India, though most of the brokers also understand the importance of 3M model, they have not been able to do much about it. For research call, all brokers are still mentioning “What to buy” and “When to buy”. No advisors or brokers give personalized research call along with the quantity (i.e. how much) a client must trade with. This inability of brokers leads to mishandling of money management part at client’s level, and it becomes difficult for client to earn from the market.

    Also all advisors and brokers know that it is utmost important for clients to trade with discipline i.e. they must follow all the calls without being biased or being emotional. Even then, no advisor or broker takes care that the clients execute all the calls. Brokers don’t monitor whether the clients follow their trading plan and their money management rule. Hence clients face all the behavioral and psychologist issue while trading, and end up getting poor trading result.

    At MH, we take care of all the 3 M’s and we are doing all these 3 things in most unique way.

      For Method: we have a unique filtration process that automatically accepts only those methods that are in sync with current market conditions. The filtration process drastically improves performance of our calls.
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      For Money Management: Most other brokers provide generalized research calls common to all the clients. We provide customized trading calls based on the individual risk parameter of each client. I.e. when we provide research calls, we specifically mention the how much quantity a client must trade with?

      For Mind: we consistently monitor, follow-up to see whether client follows all the discipline in trading. I.e. whether a client follows all our calls and also, he trades only as per the quantity suggested to him. If the client deviates from the plan, we hand – hold to bring them back on track.

    We are confident that through this innovative Mentoring Model of Personalised Guided Trading and Hand-holding all our clients will be immensely benefitted. Personalized Broking Services it will be possible for the clients to survive and grow their capital in the market. For clients, Market-Hub is the sure shot way to win the market. So, if you are looking for a best Broker in Surat and the Accurate Trading Calls with the best research ideas….Market-Hub becomes Obvious Choice.

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