Mentored Broking Service

Mentored Broking Service

  • Since our mission is to make people win in financial market, we have adopted the unique approach of ‘advisory-based, personalized-broking’ services.
  • Our Advisory services is unique in a way that it provides ‘Personalized Guided Trading’ as well as Personalized hand-holding to each of our clients.
  • Personalized Guided Trading means we provide customized call to each client individually based on their risk appetite and trading capital. Our calls also suggest the Quantity that a client should trade with. (This ‘Quantity’ calculated based on the advance logic of MONEY MANAGEMENT theory)
  • Still more important is, our hand-holding services. Like other advisory, we just don’t stop at sending you the calls, we also monitor that you have followed all of them with discipline. I.e. either if you don’t trade on that call or if you trade that call with different Quantity than the quantity suggested to you, we will call you and will request you to trade with the said quantity.

This is our recipe to MAKE you win in the market.

Sr. No Segment Type Min Capital Product Name Reco. Period Past Performance Read More Select a Product
1 Equity Cash Intraday Rs. 200000/- Intraday Equity Cash 1 year 41.92
2 Future Positional Rs. 500000/- Positional Futures - Stock base 1 year 244.56
3 Future Intraday Rs. 250000/- Intraday Mini Commodity 1 year 36.16

Your total required capital is

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