Beyond Research, Beyond Advice, welcome to the world of 'Disciplined lnvesting'. Wealth Creation is not only a function of intelligent research. It also depends on the investor's behavior. Most investors fail to create wealth not because of bad research but because of indiscipline behavior. All the brokers want to create wealth for their clients. But most brokers focus only on the product (based on their research), we focus on the process of wealth creation.

Starter Accelerator and Cruiser are the different stages in the investors' wealth-creation journey. Investors have different aspiration and different psychological challenges at each of these stages. Lack of understanding investors' behavior at these stages may lead investors to wealth destruction. As a responsible broker, we design, offer and manage investment products based on their investment stage. We also ensure that investor progress smoothly and successfully into the next stage of wealth creation.

Hence, while doing research and offering advice to our clients; our key focus is 'lnvestor behavior'. We design and offer such solutions which are easy for the clients to understand, to implement and to follow with discipline. It is because of this reason that we have been able to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients and have been able to create decent wealth for them.

Diwali Muhurat
Pics 2073