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Why derivative ?

Welcome to the world of derivatives- a class of instruments that have held the interest of investors over the years. Derivatives are popular given their flexibility, returns and their potential to provide market watchers with indicators of market sentiments. You can trade in Futures - contracts or an agreement between two parties to either buy or sell a fixed quantity of assets at a particular time in the future for a fixed price OR Options – A similar contract, except the parties are not obligated to fulfill the terms of the agreement. These contracts are then traded in the market.

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage
    Enables you to get higher trading exposure with a low margin amount
  • Hedging
    Hedging allows you to safeguard yourself against potential losses. As a part of this, you buy in the cash segment and agree to sell in the derivatives market or vice versa.
  • Risk Flexibility
    Allows you to choose between conservative or high risk strategies based on the expected rise and fall of stock prices or underlying price.
  • Higher Probability of Returns
    Possibility to garner returns irrespective of market moving up, down or sideways.

More reason to invest with us

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Why invest with us?

  • Customer profiling based on risk appetite.
  • Live interaction with Research Desk..
  • Daily Research calls for intraday as well as positional trades via Software, Instant Messaging and SMS
  • Special research literature like MH newsletter (in Guajarati).
  • Daily pre-morning audio (on whatsapp), pre – morning report, etc.
  • Real time dissemination of analysis live news.
  • Personalized client back office.
  • Online trading platform on Tablet and Mobile.
  • Access to MH terminal with the latest tools and technology.

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